Meet Our Business Consultants
Gerrard Allen

Gerrard Allen - Business Forward Consultant

“I love to connect the dots. It's been my life's work to network and find resources. And Oakland Thrive has the resources my networks need and other small business owners to help.” (248)931-9174

Allyson D. Andrews, Business Forward Team Lead & Childcare Industry Consultant of Oakland Thrive's Business Forward program

Allyson D. Andrews - Business Forward Team Lead & Childcare Industry Consultant

“I strongly believe in being the change I want to see and Oakland Thrive empowers us to do just that! As a resident and child care business owner in Oakland County, I know first hand the resources and support that is lacking and I'm excited to provide business owners with much needed support and guidance.” (248)931-7697

Donna Marie Bauer

Donna Marie Bauer - Business Forward Consultant / Food Industry Specialist

Serves Waterford, Commerce, Walled Lake, Wolverine Lake, and White Lake. Languages spoken: English and some Spanish. “I enjoy the opportunity to help small businesses succeed.” (248)466-9603

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Brian Becker

Brian Becker - Business Forward Team Lead

Serves Milford, Highland, Holly, Rose, Independence, Springfield. Languages spoken: English. “I have a strong desire to help Oakland County businesses succeed.” (248)931-4869

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Jamar Bray

Jamar Bray - Business Forward Consultant

Jonathan deSanctis

Jonathan deSanctis - Business Forward Team Lead

Serves Pontiac and Auburn Hills. Languages spoken: English. “As an entrepreneur myself, I wanted to be able to help other entrepreneurs have access to resources that I didn't when getting started.” (248)701-9294

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Dustin Frigy

Dustin Frigy

Sairy Garcia

Sairy Garcia - Business Forward Consultant

Serves Royal Oak, Madison Heights, and Oakland County’s Hispanic Community. Languages spoken: English and Spanish. “I see this opportunity as a way to help Oakland County Women, Minority and Veteran Small Businesses owners move forward with their businesses to grow and thrive. Also, as a latina, I'm an ambassador of the Hispanic Community in Oakland County.” (248)466-9255

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Daryl L Peguese

Daryl L Peguese - Sr. Business Forward Consultant

Serves Oak Park, Lathrup Village, and Berkley. Languages spoken: English. “My passion is for helping small businesses thrive and grow.” (248)931-8046

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Cyndia Robinson

Cyndia Robinson - Business Forward Consultant

Serves Sothfield, Lathrup Village, Bingham Farms, Royal Oak, Ferndale. Languages spoken: English. “I enjoy supporting small businesses.” (248)934-5345

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Drake Phifer

Drake R. Phifer - Business Forward Consultant

“I joined Oakland Thrive because I have a desire to unearth resources and finance opportunities for underserved populations.” (248)466-4551

Tracey Williams

Tracey Williams - Sr. Business Forward Consultant

“Lack of access to capital for small businesses, especially in the African American community, is a huge barrier for business success. Realizing that I would be able to assist small businesses with gaining access to capital and other resources made it an easy decision to join this organization.” (248)931-8048