Jeffrey Watt

With a trailblazing career spanning over two decades in HR leadership, I've orchestrated transformations from administrative routines to strategic excellence. Currently steering the ship at Real World HR Solutions as the Chief Consultant, I've carved a niche in pioneering competitive HR consulting ventures. Journey through Automotive Giants: Having left an indelible mark at automotive heavyweights like Volvo Trucks and Fiat Chrysler, I've directed North American HR operations, spearheaded world-class manufacturing methodologies, and navigated the complexities of labor relations with finesse. My approach is straightforward and decisive, with an innate ability to identify improvement opportunities, eliminate deficiencies, and rally consensus for organizational goals. My forte lies in thriving amidst ambiguity, making me the perfect ally for organizations seeking strategic transformation. Crafting agile infrastructures, revamping HR processes, and offering impactful career coaching are just a few threads in my diverse fabric of experiences. Well-versed in the principles of continuous process improvement, I implement changes that drive measurable improvements in efficiency, savings, and productivity. Succession Planning: Recognizing talent, building diverse leadership teams, and driving succession planning strategies are my forte. I'm passionate about positioning individuals and organizations for long-term, sustainable success. Join Me on the Journey: Let's collaborate and take your HR practices to new heights. Together, we'll navigate the dynamic landscape of HR, ensuring your organization thrives in every aspect. -Jeffrey Watt

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