Ramsey Sweis

I’m the President/Founder, and Lead Digital Strategist for Aqaba Technologies, with over two decades of experience in the digital marketing space, improving our client's marketing intelligence, providing marketing consulting, and growing their brands through customer acquisition and online engagement. Since 2004, Aqaba Technologies has worked with mid-market and enterprise-level businesses and start-ups to address the digital divide between traditional and digital marketing. We work with companies across the globe to establish or expand their online presence through an agile, strategic digital marketing campaign that boosts their visibility, builds their brand authority, and increases conversions which helps them not only operate in today’s fast-paced internet but prepares them for tomorrow. Our past clients have included industry leaders in broadband wireless, technology, e-commerce, franchise development, healthcare and medical, manufacturing, non-profits, professional services, start-ups, crypto, and many more! Our method is simple, we increase your sales with targeted, qualified leads, and decrease your costs. On average, our clients see an increase in sales of 8-40% while simultaneously reducing their top-line market spend by 30-40%. Allowing them to allocate that capital better or letting them expand their reach with their marketing dollars even further. I can truly say that this is not simply a job or a career for me, working with clients to develop their long-term web strategy, informing them through our marketing intelligence, and improving their marketing metrics has become a lifelong passion of mine. Throughout my career, I’ve had the pleasure of sitting on numerous boards for academic institutions, publicly traded companies, and private organizations. I’ve been able to help shape decisions through my background and expertise in technology, business, and entrepreneurship. And I’ve even taught graduate and undergraduate level courses for a period at Oakland University’s Department of Management and Marketing. Outside of my work, my true joy is to spend time with my family, real estate, travel, and continually educate and improve myself through activities like martial arts, music, and golf.

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