Tameka M. Ramsey

Tameka M. Ramsey is a seasoned consultant and small business owner, leading T. Ramsey & Associates with a focus on strategic growth and social impact. With an educational foundation in Social Work and Public Administration, her expertise is fortified by degrees from Oakland Community College, Wayne State University, and a Master's with a dual focus on Nonprofit and Municipal Government Management from Oakland University. With over two decades of experience in training and public speaking, Tameka has honed her skills in empowering and advising businesses and organizations globally. She has enriched her professional wisdom through hands-on workshops with the Build Institute and the National Entrepreneurs Association, coupled with practical experience in successfully navigating the challenges of running a consulting firm for over eight (8) years. As a fervent advocate for social justice, Tameka's work extends beyond consulting, playing a pivotal role in reshaping the landscape of civic engagement and social justice in Michigan. She has led as the executive/co-director of pivotal regional and statewide organizations and has been instrumental in the convening and leading initiatives like the Black Women's Roundtable-Metro Detroit and the Michigan Coalition on Black Civic Participation, both vital contributors to the National Coalition on Black Civic Participation's mission. Tameka's personal journey from the streets of Pontiac, Michigan, to the helm of her consulting firm is a testament to her dedication to community and equality. Alongside her husband and family, she continues to be a pillar in her community, channeling her extensive experience into creating lasting, positive change for Black individuals and youth across generations.

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