Fish Tank Networking Mixer

  • 06/17/2024
  • 27005 Milford Rd South Lyon, MI 48178

Presented by Drake Phifer & Brian Becker

Fish Tank is a refreshing and innovative concept that encapsulates the spirit of community and collaboration among business owners. Imagine stepping into a space where every entrepreneur is akin to a vibrant member of a thriving school of fish, interconnected by intentionality, networking, and the art of storytelling. This metaphorical Fish Tank serves as a dynamic platform for businesses to flourish and for individuals to find support and inspiration within their local ecosystem.

At the heart of Fish Tank events is a simple yet powerful format: each participant is given a mere two minutes to showcase their business in a low-tech, show-and-tell manner. This brevity not only keeps the atmosphere lively and engaging but also ensures that every voice is heard and every story shared. Whether it’s a cozy corner in a small business, the welcoming embrace of a library, or the collaborative energy of a co-working space, Fish Tank events bring together diverse voices in settings that foster connection and creativity.

Fish Tank is not just another networking gathering; it is a catalyst for accelerating awareness within Oakland County and Metro Detroit’s burgeoning ecosystem of solopreneurs, entrepreneurs, and small businesses. By providing a platform for individuals to share their experiences, challenges, and successes, the goal of Fish Tank is to fuel collaboration, spark innovation, and amplify the collective impact of the local business community.

As a proud initiative of Oakland Thrive a strategic partner of The Oakland County Economic Development Department, Fish Tank is more than just an event; it is a testament to the power of synergies and community-driven economic development. By championing the growth and prosperity of local businesses, Fish Tank embodies the ethos of Oakland County’s vibrant entrepreneurial spirit, propelling individuals and communities forward on a journey of shared success.


Drake Phifer & Brian Becker

Oakland Thrive Small Business Consultants

  • Time : 4:30 pm - 6:30 pm (UTC-5)
  • Registration Deadline : 06/17/2024 2:00 pm

Registration Deadline Expired!!

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